Crocker Optimistic Paranormal Society (COPS)

Crocker Optimistic Paranormal Society Your #1 Contact! COPS offer services FREE of charge to Residential and NON-Residential locations.

                        Crocker Optimistic Paranormal Society (COPS)


 Proudly serving Pulaski County, Fort Leonard Wood, and our surrounding areas.



Our Mission

To assist residents and businesses of Pulaski County and the surrounding area, who are experiencing unexplained phenomenon or have questions concerning these events.  COPS utilities scientific equipment to collect and analyze data obtained during investigations.  Evidence is documented and evaluated.  Authorized information is disseminated for additional evaluation through our website; for skeptics, the general public, and others in the field of paranormal research to review.

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Location: Pulaski County Missouri


Team Members: 


Derreck  - Founder,Lead Investigator

Dawnmarie  - Co Founder, Lead Investigator, Case Manager

Tammy  - Investigator, Field Researcher

Tonya - Investigator, Field Researcher

Marty  - Investigator,Technical Manager

Jamie  - Investigator, Field Researcher

Tim  -Investigator, Technical Support


Contact Information: EMAIL:

Phone: 573-745-1447 or 573-528-2149


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If you experience the unusual our Paranormal Team is ready to help. So contact us as soon as possible to arrange an investigation date. 





DISCLAIMER: Team members of Crocker Optimistic Paranormal Society do  not claim to be professionals in the field of paranormal because this field of research is still experimental. We do handle all our investigations in a professional manner. We are not healthcare professionals and cannot diagnose a person’s mental condition nor offer any advice for treatment.  We do not claim our investigation will remove any entities, spirits, or any other paranormal phenomena that you may be experiencing.  We will review our findings with you and offer our opinion as to where you may be able to seek professional assistance.

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